The List

While this doesn’t really have anything to do with movies, it’s a big part of my life and I hope to share more of it with you as I complete things!

1. See/travel Europe

2. Skydive

3. Bungee jump

4. Learn to surf

5. Scream at the top of my lungs

6. Jump off a cliff

7. Learn to play guitar

8. Play Beethoven’s “Pathetique”

9. Meet the crew of “The Buried Life”

10. Wrap/tape a professional athlete’s injury

11. Send a postcard to PostSecret

12. Be in a protest

13. Ride a horse

14. Go on a road trip

15. Go to the beach with my best friends

16. Scubadive

17. Get a college degree

18. Have coffee with Zooey Deschanel

19. See the Grand Canyon

20. Fall in love

21. Get a second tattoo

22. See Death Cab for Cutie live

23. Meet Rachel McAdams

24. Go to a Wrold Cup game

25. Help build a house

26. Take a picture for National Geographic

27. Watch an opera

28. Stand in on an operation

29. Cook a fancy dinner

30. Have a day in the spa

31. Be in a professional show

32. Attend the Olympics

33. Stand at the top of the Empire State Building

34. Go to the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame

35. See Audrey Hepburn’s Hollywood Star

36. Celebrate MArdi Gras in New Orelans

37. Be in Times Square for New Year’s Eve

38. See the Northern Lights

39. Attend a famous talk show

40. Drive cross country

41. Get married

42. Bring someone to Christ

43. Buy a car

44. Own a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers

45. Get a tattoo from Kat Von D

46. Ice skate at the Rockafellar Plaza

47. Document something in all Polaroids

48. Make a pot of coffee

49. Be an extra in a movie

50. Eat breakfast at Tiffany’s

51. Drive a manual car

52. Have a car for more than 2 years

53. See Mount Rushmore

54. Drive on route 66

55. Get a perm

56. Go white water rafting

57. Smoke a cigar

58. Write a journal every day for one year

59. Be a vegetarian for a week

60. Sing karaoke in public

61. Let go

62. Run a 5k

63. Attend Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

64. Go to an art museum with my mom

65. Attend Bonaroo (or some other multi-day music fest)

66. Help paint a mural

67. Attend Holi in India

68. Start a blog

69. Hail a cab

70. Change a tire

71. Listen to every single song on my ipod

72. Play roller derby/practice with a roller derby player

73. Dedicate myself to yoga for at least one month

74. Experience acupuncture

75. Get a picture with Neil Patrick Harris pointing at me

76. Learn to wind surf

77. Backpack the Appalachian Trail

78. See the Redwood Forest

79. Stand under the “Survivor Tree”

80. Gamble in Las Vegas

81. Stand at the Four Corners

82. Go on a spontaneous flight somewhere

83. Wear a spectacular hat at the Kentucky Derby

84. Go snorkeling

85. Ride a hot air balloon

86. Live on the west coast

87. Get a master’s degree

88. Punch someone in the face

89. Own a vintage bike

90. Ride an elephant

91. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge


§ One Response to The List

  • First of all: I really, really, really, really… like your new layout on here. (I never ever see your actual website because it just shows up on my phone differently)

    Second: Lets get number 7 and 22 done. Sound good?

    Nice layout btw.

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