Today I Feel Like This…

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Today I Feel Like…

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Today I Feel Like This…

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I hope you take this literally

100 points if you can name this movie

Today I Feel Like This…

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Because it’s never going to stop raining and I’m stuck in it every afternoon

also, the kiss that follows this scene is one for the history books

keep an eye out for the fall TV preview – I promise I’m not ignoring you all

Today I Feel… and some generalizations

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– Football coaches love the word “hustle”
– QB’s are drama queens
– So are girls soccer teams
– Polos aren’t attractive on anyone
– My mom is better than your mom
– Setting up cable and internet is the worst thing on the planet
– Dentists are unreliable
– Life is too expensive, become a vagrant (that’s actually not a great idea, just marry someone rich)

Double Feature!

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I am leaving for the beach tomorrow night around 12am. Yes, that’s midnight. I could not be more excited because it has been a long and crazy summer. Loved every bit of it.. but I’m tired. So I’m going off the map till next Sunday or so. So to keep you satisfied I’m gonna overload this post as small parting gift for the next week. Enjoy!

Today I feel like this…

Super Clip Sunday! (really early, but I was dying to post this because I was speaking with an individual the other day and referenced this. They had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Appalled)

Today I feel like this…

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Ok, so this is applicable to tomorrow too
But I just couldn’t wait.

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