Go Watch a Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love

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Who’s the best blogger around? This girl. And by best blogger I mean I update like I clean my room – not often. I told you I’d have a review for you last week, alas it’s a week late. Surprised? Me either. Well, here I am sitting in Starbucks like the little main stream hipster I am, sipping on my peppermint mocha, listening to my indie music and sporadically perusing Slate so that the people behind me think I’m intelligent and cultured. And I think “I don’t need to write this paper yet! It’s not due till Tuesday!”  And without further ado.. my review (I swear I didn’t mean for that to rhyme):

A few weeks ago I went to the campus theater with two lovely ladies to view the current cinematic screening: Crazy, Stupid, Love. With an all star cast (Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and Ryan Gosling – I mentioned him right?) I was hoping for a great experience, but honestly didn’t care what the outcome was as long as I saw Mr. Gosling without a shirt on. I was pleasantly surprised and it wasn’t just because of Ryan’s rock hard abs.

Bold statement coming up: This might be my new favorite, modern-day, chick flick. Outrageous I know, but you gotta see it. The movie has a very sexy tone and yet the cast keeps it light-hearted and cutesy (but not corny-cutesy. well not really.) In this day and age, the concept of divorce at the first sign of struggle is normal and usual. I hate that. Divorce is ugly and depressing and should not be so normal. However, in the end, the characters in this film don’t ever give up on their relationship – it’s so refreshing that not everyone has lost hope in the idea of marriage. Ryan Gosling gives an ideal performance making me melt in my chair as he spouts off knowledge of proper gentleman attire and does the Dirty Dancing lift. (it’s incredibly sexy when you see it done, believe me) Emma Stone continues to be the awesome, un-slutty movie star that she is. We should be friends. And the end of the movie.. heart-stopping-close-your-mouth-rip-the-arm-rest-off surprising. You never see it coming. You don’t even expect a twist at all! And now that I’ve semi-ruined that for you I suggest you run to the closest Giant, stop at the Redbox and get this movie. It’s the right choice.


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