Go Watch a Movie: Shakespeare in Love

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Turns out the SAG awards are tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get to watch them, but forgive me if I miss them. At least you’re getting this post! Super fast update on the life of the writer: first week of class down and things are going well. Busy as ever, but nevertheless things are good. I watched 4 new movies this weekend. And will review them by request! – Another Earth, Our Idiot Brother, Beginners, Door in the Floor. Or I’ll just pick one in the next week or so and just write a little ditty. But I digress. Onward!

Tonight’s movie won best picture in 1998. Yes, I was 7. Spectacular film that so many people forget about. Everyone and their acting school roommate are in this movie, but not in a Valentine’s Day way. Like in a “Geoffrey-Rush-invited-all-his-friends” way. A poetic story of how Will Shakespeare might have written Romeo and Juliet– a beautiful, inspirational romance, a fantastic cast, the perfect mix of romance and witty comedy. Judi Dench is the queen of the world. Gwyneth Paltrow is charming as usual.

In the scene below, the cast is performing Romeo and Juliet for the first time and their Juliet just hits puberty and no longer has his high pitched girly voice. Gwyneth Paltrow – who had been practicing under cover as a man for weeks gets called to the stage and for the first time a woman performs in the theater.

In other Oscar news:

– Cate Blanchett was nominate for “Elizabeth” and Judi Dench was nominated for “Shakespeare in Love” – each for playing the same character, Queen Elizabeth I. Only once before had two actors been nominated in the same year for playing the same character: Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart for playing Rose in “Titanic”

– This was the first year The Oscar’s were aired on a Sunday

– Roberto Benigni makes the best acceptance speech ever for being in “Life is Beautiful”


There’s a trashy flick for everyone!

June 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

So the newest fad in moviedom seems to be this concept of “friends with benefits”. Classy,  yes? My thoughts exactly. Over my browsing and movie watching I’ve come across some cinematic gold crap and discovered that there’s a trashy friends with benefits experience for everyone!

For the those of you into awkward, profane scenes that you would hate to watch with the ‘rents pop in No Strings Attached. Nothing says class like ubiquitous sex scenes. Interested in something a little funnier? Maybe something a little edgier is your thing. Make some plans to see Friends with Benefits. It promises to be a swell time (disclaimer: haven’t seen this one yet – I’m making a generalization. Don’t heckle me, you all do it). Hey hipsters, don’t get upset! There’s a film for you, too! All of you not interested in big name stars or big budget movies this is just perfect –  Friends (with benefits). Perfect combination of weird camera shots and ridiculously impractical story line. You’ll love it! Can’t stand thought of sitting through a 2 hour film? Follow the family favorite TV series – the never aired – Friends with Benefits. Man, these producers are just so creative when it comes to naming movies and TV, right?

Come on, world! This concept is not romantic – I’m not meeting the love of my life by hopping in bed with him “just ‘cuz”. Last time I checked that situation never ended well. It’s not endearing, it’s degrading. Don’t get me wrong, go ahead and make your movie. But three. different. movies. and a tv show about the exact same thing? Exact story? Exact ending? Get it together, kids.

Go Watch a Movie (coming soon): The Muppets

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I feel like the Muppets have super fans. You know, those people that have seen every Muppets movie (I’ve only seen the Muppets Treasure Island and A Christmas Carol). Not to mention they have every episode on DVD proudly displayed on their shelf with other inferior discs. That’s not me. Not even a little. Ms. Piggy always drove me crazy. I enjoy the culture of it sure; I’ve gone to the Smithsonian a couple times and still get a small thrill out of seeing Kermit the Frog behind the plexi-glass.

So when my father said to me “Have you seen the trailer for the new Muppets movie?” In my head I’m thinking “No, pops, I have not. I am not interested in those furry pupp..” and then he says “Jason Segel and Amy Adams are starring in it.” Wait. What?! 1. I love Jason Segel. He is absolutely hysterical. He’s goofy and adorable and I wish we were friends. (watch him in How I Met Your Mother) 2. Amy Adams and Jason Segel could not be more perfect for this role. I cannot imagine any other two people bubbly enough, cutesy enough, goofy enough to play along side these bouncing, bumbling, characters.

I’ll definitely be watching this flick. I just imagine Segel waking up every morning to film this movie – super excited to get to work and hang out with all of his new friends – all giddy like a small child. The script seems to be exceptional, witty, sarcastic, and all around pretty funny.

I’ll leave you with this. 1. I love 30 Rock, you should watch it. 2. Tina Fey kicks boo-tayyy 3. This makes me laugh Every. Single. Time.

Here’s to the end of the world!

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We are just about 24 hours from the return of the Lord. I know, I can’t believe it either. So I figured I’d give you one more “greatest post ever” post. It’s a lot of pressure figuring out what the last post on your blog ever should be. I thought forever and ever. Movie suggestion? Review? Music critique? Top Ten List? I couldn’t decide. And considering that I plan on waking up at 6:30 Sunday morning to go see my brother graduate, I didn’t waste much time on the whole deciding thing.

This afternoon I finished the movie Kick Ass. It was instant on Netflix and I hadn’t seen yet so I figured… Why not!? I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The lead hero was incredibly endearing, the concept was fun and entertaining. It wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows. Lots of blood. Lots of punching and stabbing and shooting and blowing up. Pretty impressed. And guess what? I didn’t hate Nicholas Cage! I actually kind of liked tolerated him. But my favorite by far was the spunky little girl who can literally kick ass.

I was always a fan of the underestimated girl (usually a small child) that surprises everyone and is the best character by far.  Like Emily Osment in Spy Kids (don’t lie, you watched it). Her dad (Nicholas Cage) trains her for years to be a world class assassin. Training goes to the extent of her father shooting her in the chest to help her learn what it feels like to be shot. Plus she’s a pro with the knives! So cool yeah? Here’s one of my favorite scenes. Near the end of the movie, all the killing is left to Hit Girl – the small little girl and she, well, annihilates.

That sweet move in the beginning? Knife through the hand, wrap the rope around the head, make the guy shoot himself in the head? So cool! You go Hit Girl.

Summer Flicks: Part One

May 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

It’s been much too long since my last update. I sincerely apologize. Finals were a killer, but I made it out alive and am so ready to give you regular updates now that the summer as begun!

Speaking of summer: let’s talk movies, yeah? Summer’s always a big time for movies and there’s always a lot of hype for certain ones. I’ll give ya a short run down of most of the movies coming out this summer. Let’s get started!

Go watch these movies with your action-hero-loving dads
Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon: This is the third installment of the Transformers franchise and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s gonna be a little different with a new leading lady – losing the emotional connection between Megan Fox and the Transformers – but somehow I think we’ll be fine. Plus, Michael Bay can make some movies, man! Expect lots of explosions and heart wrenching scenes of robots getting hurt – don’t tell me your heart wasn’t breaking when they kidnapped Bumble Bee in the first one! Comes out July 1.

The Green Lantern: I’m a little unsure about this one. Big Ryan Reynolds fan but I think this may be a little too serious of role for him. Nevertheless, it’s been getting big reviews so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt. The long line of superhero movies is coming to an end and I’m hoping this movie ends the succession well. Release June 17.

X-Men First Class: I’ve always liked movies that showed the origins of characters. X-Men: Origins was a success as was the rest of the X-Men series, so I have high expectations for this film. I’ll definitely be watching this (I have a soft spot for James McAvoy). Comes out June 3.

Go watch this movie if you want to cry for days
Beautiful Boy: I’m warning you now, this movie is going to be intense. This movie follows a husband and wife on the brink of divorce who just find out their son committed a mass shooting. Watch the trailer and you’ll already feel the heaviness of this movie. The writing and acting look to be impressive and should be a great movie. But be warned, this isn’t your light hearted flick of the summer. Look for it in June.

Go watch these movies if you’re looking for a cathartic drama
The Beaver: Hear me out. Please. I know, Mel Gibson is not my favorite individual either, but I’ve been hearing really great things about this! This movie focuses on Walter Black, a troubled husband and father struggling with his life. He adopts a hand-puppet beaver through which he communicates to those around him. I was not expecting great things from this – I wasn’t even expecting good things from this. I have heard, however, that this could be Gibson’s comeback role. I probably won’t be spending the money to see it theaters (let’s be real, I’m too cheap for the theaters in any situation) but it’s going on the queue immediately. Look for this movie at your local theater now.

Everything Must Go: I’m pretty excited about this one. Will Ferrell plays a guy that loses his job and gets kicked out of his house. He resolves to setting up shop on his front lawn and selling everything he owns. He befriends a young neighborhood boy and adventures ensue. Looking forward to Will Ferrell in a more serious role, I know he’ll do a great job. Should be an inspirational kind of drama – definitely on the queue. Coming to a theater near you this Friday, May 13.

Go watch these movies with your hip-indie-artistic-film friends
Hesher: Mmmm Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Despite the long hair, I love him. Hesher is a troubled youth – and by youth I mean youngerish gentleman – who “befriends” a small boy, T.J., as his mentor but also as his tormentor. Expect an emotional rollercoaster, great character development, and some good tunes. Starring Rainn Wilson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Natalie Portman, this star studded cast shouldn’t disappoint. As an indie film, it will not be released nationally. Put it on the queue, folks!

Another Earth: The concept of this movie is incredibly intriguing. A second Earth is discovered and a young girl who regrets a terrible mistake of hers wins the opportunity to visit “Earth 2” and meet her other self. It’s going to be a beautiful movie and, as I can tell, heartwrenching. Good concept with a great story. I may even spend the cash for this one. To be released July 20.

Restless: The story of a terminally ill girl who falls for boy that crashes funerals. The movie follows the adventures of the couple and their encounters with the ghost of a Japanese kamikaze pilot from WWII. Mia Wasikowski plays the heroine. I’ve been so intrigued by the actress lately who has performed superbly in movies such as Alice in Wonderland and The Kids Are All Right. Not sure what the movie has in store but it’s intriguing. On the queue! Coming to theaters September 16.

That’s all I’ve got right now, kids. Please keep checking back for a second update. I’ll do my best to have something up for all of you by the weekend (or maybe by Monday).

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