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Here it is, 9 minutes away from my favorite night of the year. As I await this big moment, I’ve been asked a few times about my opinion on the films that have been nominated for best picture. I have had the pleasure of seeing 6 out of the 10 so I will do a quick little opinion piece while we wait/watch the show:

Black Swan: Superb filming. I am quite partial to Darren Aronofsky’s work, so excuse the bias. This is not a movie for youngsters nor the faint of heart. Very stirring, and if you will “depressing” but the movie is so beautiful. Natalie Portman gives an incredible performance. Definitely recommend if you’re into thrillers.

The Kids Are All Right: Just recently watched this. The basic theme of this movie is so heart warming – learning to put up with each other’s crap because you love them dearly and because you’re family. Annette Benning is wonderful in this film – again there are a few scenes of “adult content” so don’t watch it with your kids. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it overall.

The Social Network: I could talk for days about this movie. Everything about this film is absolutely perfect. The acting, the writing, the score, the filming, the story, the casting. Everything. Jesse Eisenberg is fabulous and I’m completely in love with him. There are scenes of this movie that make me hold my breath and tear up just because they’re so stunning. If you have not seen this movie yet put it on the queue now. You must watch it as soon as possible.

The King’s Speech: Just watched this yesterday actually. Makes you want to cry. Lovely cast that feels like family. Great, true story of overcoming a great obstacle. To be honest, the trailers made the movie seem a lot more cathartic than it actually is. Superb movie, don’t get me wrong but I was waiting for a more cathartic experience than what I got. Nevertheless – go watch it.

Inception: Great. Very confusing but if you pay great attention to it you’ll be able to follow it perfectly. Quite inventive storyline, but you should watch it with a group of people so you can talk about it after. Definitely a necessity after watching. I loved it, but it’s something you gotta be in the mood for.

Toy Story 3: You. Will. Cry. Well, you’ll cry if the entire series is a part of your life and you grew up with it. Pixar does it great no matter what. They can’t go wrong. Watch it with your kids, watch it by yourself. It’s so wonderful.

I have heard nothing but great things for 127 Hours including an astronomically stunning soundtrack. Also heard the cutting off the arm sceneĀ  was excruciatingly gruesome – but after see the entire story, you gotta watch it.

There ya have it! Enjoy the show, ladies and gents.


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