Go Watch a Movie: Shakespeare in Love

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Turns out the SAG awards are tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get to watch them, but forgive me if I miss them. At least you’re getting this post! Super fast update on the life of the writer: first week of class down and things are going well. Busy as ever, but nevertheless things are good. I watched 4 new movies this weekend. And will review them by request! – Another Earth, Our Idiot Brother, Beginners, Door in the Floor. Or I’ll just pick one in the next week or so and just write a little ditty. But I digress. Onward!

Tonight’s movie won best picture in 1998. Yes, I was 7. Spectacular film that so many people forget about. Everyone and their acting school roommate are in this movie, but not in a Valentine’s Day way. Like in a “Geoffrey-Rush-invited-all-his-friends” way. A poetic story of how Will Shakespeare might have written Romeo and Juliet– a beautiful, inspirational romance, a fantastic cast, the perfect mix of romance and witty comedy. Judi Dench is the queen of the world. Gwyneth Paltrow is charming as usual.

In the scene below, the cast is performing Romeo and Juliet for the first time and their Juliet just hits puberty and no longer has his high pitched girly voice. Gwyneth Paltrow – who had been practicing under cover as a man for weeks gets called to the stage and for the first time a woman performs in the theater.

In other Oscar news:

– Cate Blanchett was nominate for “Elizabeth” and Judi Dench was nominated for “Shakespeare in Love” – each for playing the same character, Queen Elizabeth I. Only once before had two actors been nominated in the same year for playing the same character: Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart for playing Rose in “Titanic”

– This was the first year The Oscar’s were aired on a Sunday

– Roberto Benigni makes the best acceptance speech ever for being in “Life is Beautiful”


Go Watch a Movie: Braveheart

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Way back in the dark ages when Mel Gibson wasn’t walking the streets of Hollywood like a crazy drunk, he was actually a little decent in movies. Based on a true story, this movie tells the story of Scotland’s freedom from and triumph over Britain. Everything about this film gets me excited. The music, the filming, the writing. It’s all so liberating and motivating. It’s a beautiful story of a man’s love for his wife and nation.

The passion and determination William Wallace (Mel Gibson) has for his country’s people is inspiring and heartbreaking. This movie will bring you to tears I promise you.


In other news, my sincere apologies for no post on the People’s Choice Awards. It sucked so badly that I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it. However, tonight’s event is much larger and I will have plenty to say afterward I’m sure.


Go Watch a Movie: LOTR: The Return of the King and more Oscar’s fun

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First, to all of you out there making bets that I wouldn’t post on time: hand over the cash, I’m giving you a review!

Second, People’s Choice Awards is on tomorrow night 9pm ET on CBS. Don’t miss it. And after you watch it you’re going to post your thoughts on this blog entry.  Deal? Excellent.

And now, the beginning of the best picture reviews. Beginning with 2003’s winner: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. To my knowledge you have not had the privilege of seeing my dorky side. But after this you’ll be able to see that I’m much cooler than you thought. And by cooler I mean kind of a nerd.

This movie, the only LOTR that won a best picture was fantastic. It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen it so you’ll have to forgive me some of the details. The cinematography and effects in this film are absolutely unreal. Something you can only understand by watching it.  The story line is gripping, emotional, shows incredible camaraderie and heart. In its year, this movie was nominated for 11 awards at the Oscar’s. And won every. single. one. Still don’t want to watch it? Orlando Bloom is a total dreamboat. Yeah I’m not a fan either. But, there’s a plethora of attractive men to look at it. Don’t knock the fantasy genre till you watch it. This is the kind of movie you just can’t hate.

In other 2003 Oscar news, Billy Crystal was hosting for the 8th time, his 9th being this year’s awards. Sophia Coppola (daughter of Francis Ford Coppola) became the first American woman to be nominated for directing with Lost in Translation. And Finding Nemo won for Best Animated Feature. Because, well, Pixar kicks ass.

There ya have it, the first edition of our Academy Award reviews. I’ll be tweeting during People’s Choice and blogging on Thursday!

I <3 award season (I swear I’m not 12).

Go Watch a Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love

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Who’s the best blogger around? This girl. And by best blogger I mean I update like I clean my room – not often. I told you I’d have a review for you last week, alas it’s a week late. Surprised? Me either. Well, here I am sitting in Starbucks like the little main stream hipster I am, sipping on my peppermint mocha, listening to my indie music and sporadically perusing Slate so that the people behind me think I’m intelligent and cultured. And I think “I don’t need to write this paper yet! It’s not due till Tuesday!”  And without further ado.. my review (I swear I didn’t mean for that to rhyme):

A few weeks ago I went to the campus theater with two lovely ladies to view the current cinematic screening: Crazy, Stupid, Love. With an all star cast (Steve Carrell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, and Ryan Gosling – I mentioned him right?) I was hoping for a great experience, but honestly didn’t care what the outcome was as long as I saw Mr. Gosling without a shirt on. I was pleasantly surprised and it wasn’t just because of Ryan’s rock hard abs.

Bold statement coming up: This might be my new favorite, modern-day, chick flick. Outrageous I know, but you gotta see it. The movie has a very sexy tone and yet the cast keeps it light-hearted and cutesy (but not corny-cutesy. well not really.) In this day and age, the concept of divorce at the first sign of struggle is normal and usual. I hate that. Divorce is ugly and depressing and should not be so normal. However, in the end, the characters in this film don’t ever give up on their relationship – it’s so refreshing that not everyone has lost hope in the idea of marriage. Ryan Gosling gives an ideal performance making me melt in my chair as he spouts off knowledge of proper gentleman attire and does the Dirty Dancing lift. (it’s incredibly sexy when you see it done, believe me) Emma Stone continues to be the awesome, un-slutty movie star that she is. We should be friends. And the end of the movie.. heart-stopping-close-your-mouth-rip-the-arm-rest-off surprising. You never see it coming. You don’t even expect a twist at all! And now that I’ve semi-ruined that for you I suggest you run to the closest Giant, stop at the Redbox and get this movie. It’s the right choice.

Go Watch A Movie: Shortfilms

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Short films don’t get enough cred in the everyday movie world. People don’t really think to watch short films – I’ll tell you now, you’re missing out. Call them artsy, call them pointless, you can’t deny the beauty in these mini movies. They’re just a small look into the filmmaker’s mind and get to see the world through their eyes.

Just recently, I fell upon Rick Mereki who made a series of three stunningly beautiful short films entitled Eat, Learn, Move:


Watch these. Go get a snack. And then watch them again. I’m in love with these short films and can’t get enough of them. Not too mention I’m in love with Andrew Lees – the actor featured in all three. Total babe, yeah?

If you’re on a total short film kick after watching Rick Mereki’s cinematic gold (as you should be) go to Hulu and check out USA network’s Character Project. It’s a series of about 6 (or maybe 8, I can’t remember) short films by different filmmakers. Beautiful stories about the “characters” of the world. I recommend “Fickle“, “Duck“, and “Perfect“.

So don’t forget about the little guys next time you wanna waste a little time. Turn off the cat videos (because let’s be real, you’re two views away to becoming cat lady) and put on something a little more entertaining. Something that makes you think. Because isn’t that what cinema is about?

Go Watch a Movie: Thelma and Louise

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Firstly (there’s always a ‘firstly’ isn’t there?) I’m on Twitter now. That’s right, I’m an obsessed tweeter. As if I wasn’t connected enough, with my Facebook and my blog, I had to go and get a Twitter. I blame it on Meghan… yeah that’s right, Meg. I’m blaming you. So follow me, kids! Hannah_Derreth

Down to business. Movie suggestion for the first time in a very long time. Just watched Thelma and Louise a few weeks ago. Such a great flick. Here’s a quick clip from the movie. Not detrimental to the plot so you shouldn’t need any set up for it. Take a look!

“You women are crazy!” “You got that right.” Such a perfect line to pull the whole movie together. I read an article in Vanity Fair talking about the making and creation of Thelma and Louise, the movie and the characters. Cinematically, I wouldn’t call this movie life changing. But the story will cause any woman to stand up on the couch and cheer. Every girl has a Thelma to her Louise and I guarantee you’ll want to road trip after watching this (no felonies, though, ladies). Definitely a film anyone can enjoy, not just another chick. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to watch Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon kick some ass? (Not to mention a little Brad Pitt to spice up the screen)

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