Super Clip Sunday!

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Super Clip Sunday!

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Why Hugh Jackman should always host the Oscars

Award Season, how do I love thee?

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Let me count the ways. Award season is so much fun. You all know my love and adoration for popular culture (movies especially!) so I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am that the first two months of the year are always dedicated to reviewing, critiquing, and talking about movies. Just splendid. I know I have been reviewing Best Picture winners prior to an event but I figured for the mother of all awards we’d simply celebrate and I’d give you some fun facts! You know, interesting information you can share at parties to make yourself seem more informed and intellectual.

The Basics
– The Academy Award statuette is 8.5lbs and 13.5in tall
– The Academy Awards began in 1929
– The name “Oscar” comes from Margaret Herrick, the academy librarian, who thought the statue looked like her uncle Oscar. (or so they say…)
– They were aired on a Sunday for the first (and ever since!) in 1999

The -Est’s

– Walt Disney has won the most Oscars at 26 statuettes
– Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won all 11 awards for which it was nominated. This along with Ben-Hurr and Titanic hold the title of most awards won in one year
– Titanic was nominated 14 times in its year
– Meryl Streep has been nominated the most times with 13
– Adrien Brody is the youngest to win Best Actor. He was 29 at the time
– The youngest actress to win an Oscar was Tatum O’Neal. She was 10 when she won in 1973.

The Firsts

– Hattie McDaniel was the first black woman to win an Oscar (1940); Sydney Poitier was the first black man (1963).
– Kathryn Bigelow was the first woman to win Best Director in 2010 (you go girl!)
– The first technicolor telecast of the Oscars was in 1966

The Impressive “Did You Know”‘s

Beauty and the Beast, Up and Toy Story 3 are the only animated movies that have been nominated for Best Picture
– The Godfather: Part II  is the only sequel to have won Best Picture
– Seven of the Best Actress winners in the last 11 years have been based on real people
– In 1932 Wallace Beery and Fredric March were tied for Best Actor

The Speeches

Super Clip Sunday

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For my inner dancer. It’s a long one, but soooo worth it. Probably the greatest movie ever. (and by greatest i mean it couldn’t be any more corny but the dancing is so excellent)

Who doesn’t love a good montage?

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My friend Meghan just posted on her blog today and it gave me the inspiration to finally sit down and write this post. So thanks. Plus I’d rather do this than outline my case study presentation on a neck injury. Actually I’d rather do anything except that. Irregardless (which isn’t a word but it will make Meghan laugh), I’d like to give you a fun little post.

There’s nothing I love more than a great make over montage in a movie. Seriously though. They’re fun and exciting and you get to see a really great transformation that ends up with a very attractive individual and everyone likes to look at attractive people. Am I right?

She’s All That
Sorry. Predictable. But it’s a classic and that red dress looks fantastic on her! Plus my inner 13 yr old just goes crazy for Freddie Prince.

Princess Diaries
I love this movie so much. Her makeover is probably my all time fave. I mean those brows, that hair. Phenomenal transformation.

Miss Congeniality
These movie make up artists have a serious talent in making attractive people look ugly. Even Sandra Bullock, the total babe she is, can look a hot mess.

Crazy, Stupid, Love
Anything involving Ryan Gosling is fine by me.

Super Clip Sunday!

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In honor of the late, great Whitney Houston. such a classic

Super Clip Sunday!

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This week is about education. So if you hate this, I won’t be upset. Well I will because you need have an open and educated mind about film. Got it? We’re going way old school, this clip is from My Fair Lady starring Audrey Hepburn. This takes place right after Hepburn, as a poor spoken, low class woman, is taken in to be transformed into a high class lady. Her mentor takes her to a horse race to practice all of the etiquette she’s be learning. This is probably my all time favorite scene from a movie musical.

Why I love it:
1. I love fancy hats
2. Those outfits are spectacular
3. These people are boring and make you love Hepburn’s character one million percent more (and I love any excuse to love her more)

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