^ That’s me.

I find movies to be incredibly important in today’s pop culture. They tell the untold stories, they express people’s creativity, they shake things up, they evoke emotion and yes – they sometimes suck. But I also think it’s important to watch all the movies: the sucky ones, the classic ones, the funny ones, the inappropriate ones, the controversial ones, the mindless ones – all of them. Let’s not just watch these in a thoughtless fashion, brushing them off as soon as the end credits begin. Let’s not refuse to watch inappropriate movies because people say “they’re bad”. Let’s talk about them! “That movie is bad, you can’t watch it” – well why? Tell me your opinion on it, debate it with me. Let me know your views and thoughts and opposition to such “bad” movies. Why are certain movies controversial? classic? inspiring? Let’s talk. Too many people just watch movies and move on; being such a large part of our culture, movies are too big not to discuss.

I have a lot of friends who like movies, but aren’t die hard fans like myself. They’re not the type of people that would sit down and read a lengthy review about the small details and intricacies of films. However, I think it’s important to start provoking thought in this area and for people to have some sort of knowledge on film. So I’m writing for the people who want to spend 3 minutes reading about more than the plot of a movie. I’m hoping that my short reviews will awaken an interest for film in every one that reads them.

So when you’re reading one of my posts and have something to say.. say it! Let’s talk.


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