Holy Hiatus, Batman!

September 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yikes! I suppose I should have given a fair warning that the summer would be blog-free and you would be missing out on culture updates and weekly clips. To be honest, I didn’t plan it. I swear. I got swallowed up by The Man which threw me into a deep depression and hate of all things good. C’est la vie, I am back at school and feeling slightly more like myself. Today’s post will be a short one, a small taste of what’s to come – I’ll be more diligent about my work (famous last words?).

One of my favorite entertainment seasons is upon us – Fall Premieres. The next few weeks will contain the beginnings of the deep and committed relationship I have with my television. Now, as I list the outrageous number of series I keep up with religiously, I must ask you not to read them with you mouth hanging open in disgust that I spend so much time on television – my brother keeps up with 25+. And now, in no particular order, my TV line-up and why I keep watching:

New Girl: Schmidt. Schmidt. Schmidt.
Parks and Rec: The dynamic of this show is hysterical from open to close. And Ron Swanson.
The Office: I have been a follower since the days of staplers in jello and pre-Pam-and-Jim. I can’t stop now.
Grey’s Anatomy: Guilty pleasure. Still makes me cry.
How I Met Your Mother: This show gets you emotionally attached to all the characters. The writing is splendid bringing back clips from old episodes and continuing plot lines from previous seasons. Just lovely.
Shameless: Lip. Lip. Lip. and William H. Macy
Dexter: He had me sucked in from the beginning. Plus I need to see if he’ll kill off his sister.
Glee: I’d feel guilty for leaving
Happy Endings: Nostalgic of “Friends”
Modern Family: Because it’s just as funny as it was when it started
30 Rock: Because intelligent funny is the best funny. And Alec Baldwin rocks.


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