Golden Globes 2012

January 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Such a bland title today. I was pleasantly surprised with last night’s awards. Again, I am not up-to-date with many of most of the movies that were nominated (damn you limited release movies and empty bank account!). So let’s discuss a few thoughts:

– Ricky Gervais was fantastic. Just enough ridicule to make you feel uncomfortable but not embarrassed for him. However, as the night progressed, his jokes just got sloppy.

– The presenters were delightful and had just enough banter. Well done, banter writers.

– The speeches.. were not so great. Almost every acceptance speech was lengthy and boring and wordy and unnecessary. But George Clooney, oh George, he was classy and well spoken and short and charming. Let’s date? (see what I did there? I’m respecting his choice not to marry)

Helen Mirren is still smokin’ hot

– Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie look at each other like there is no one else on the planet. Every time one of them was on stage, the other smiled like they’ve never seen anyone so lovely. True love and adoration do still exist in Hollywood.

– Tina Fey is the funniest person on the planet. Hands down.

– Modern Family should always win. They are a hilarious group of super good looking people.

– Peter Dinklage is a spectacular human being. And everyone should want to be friends with him

– Most everyone looked fantastic:


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