Five TV Shows My Broski Thinks You Should Be Watching

January 11, 2012 § 3 Comments

My brother watches a lot of TV. Like if all of his regular television shows aired in the same season he’d be keeping up with about 25 shows. Addiction? Or education? Probably addiction, I’m scheduling an intervention. Nevertheless, he’s led me onto some really stellar shows that I can’t get enough of. Sometimes watching a movie is too much of a commitment and you just need a few episodes to occupy your time. Here’s what I’m obsessed with.


Unfortunately, FNL had its last season in the spring 2011 (or fall 2010 depending on when you watched it). This drama is set in a high school football obsessed town in Texas following the football coach’s family and players. The story line has some of the deepest most meaningful relationships on television. I mean the coach and his wife are literally the greatest television couple in history. Not to mention Kyle Chandler is a total babe. Don’t start watching this series until you have like 3 days free because you won’t be able to stop watching.

Funny. Just funny. A nice 30 minute sitcom you can watch at any time and just laugh for days. Amy Poehler is adorable and Nick Offerman is easily in the top 10 of funniest guys in sitcoms. Ridiculous plots and awkward moments make for the perfect TV show.

I shouldn’t be recommending this show. It’s about cooking meth. But the guy cooking it has really great intentions and just wants financial security for his family. He’s a very loving father and husband. There’s also outrageous drug dealing/smuggling drama and excitement.  A great family show. At least it is in my house.

This is our generation’s equivalent to Friends.  The characters are endearing and funny. The kind of show that isn’t just hilarious but builds relationships and stories that will have you crying. You should catch up on the previous seasons (on instant Netflix) because this season is outrageous! But really. You should catch up on it.

So after you watch the show about cooking meth, you’re going to watch a show about a less fortunate family that does everything but kill people for money and their drunk useless father. The family really lives up to the title of the show. But they love each other and stick up for each other and take care of each other in such a way that makes you want to be a part of the family (but not really because that would be bad). The show is definitely not for the young viewer or anyone under the age of 17. While some of the content may be inappropriate, you just can’t help but adore the characters and emotionally involved in their shameless lives (pun intended).


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