Super Clip Sunday!

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This was a tough choice for our Christmas special. Between It’s a Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown Christmas, Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street, and White Christmas I just couldn’t decide. But since I have a soft spot for Linus and his adorable speech I went with this clip. Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

So the holidays are near, and I’m actually pretty ready for it this year. All of my purchases are made and I only need to wrap two more gifts! Speaking of wrapping… the reason we are here. To show off my artistic gift wrap idea. I am subscribed to both Vanity Fair and Interview magazine, neither of which I like to throw away because I have attachment issues to good art and attractive people. So I hold on to the magazines and pile them up on a creative shelf to make me look more cultured. Do you hate me yet? Yeah me too. This year I decided to “go green” and use those beautiful magazines to cover the boxes I am giving my loved ones this year. The final result?

Fully wrapped with ads and photoshoots and finished with a solid black satin ribbon. There is no way I’m letting anyone open their gifts this year. They’re just too pretty! Such a great idea for anyone looking to wrap a gift but exercise their creative hand as well.

To label each gift, I added the receiver’s celebrity crush and photos that fit their personality. Got a health nut in the fam? Grab Women’s Health or Men’s Fitness and cover the box with photos of bikes and sneakers and apples. When in doubt, grab the nearest magazine and rip out all the ads with pretty colors once they’re all together, it’ll look fantastic. My family loves cinema and fashion and attractive people (you wondered where I got it from, huh?) so the magazines I owned were perfect.

Well now that I’m on break, and my professors have demanded we don’t do any thinking and get drunk all the time (I’m not kidding about that) I’m planning on updating like it’s my job. I will watch movies and trailers and talk about all the awesome things happening in pop culture.


But maybe not till after the holidays… I’m the worst.


super late super clip

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I’m so clever with titles, no? No you’re right, I’m really not.
I’m also great at updating. Yeah, I can’t even pretend I’m good at that one.


You’re welcome.

Super Clip Sunday!

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Nothing like a good song and dance on a sitcom

Super Clip Sunday!

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