How to: Decide on a movie

August 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I know what you all are thinking: How does she decide on which movie to watch? Her decisions are so artful and underground – she finds such great movies that no one has ever heard of! The amount of research she must do!  Actually, it’s a very shallow decision. I’m a college student – when I’m not at class I’m covering high school sports. Who has time for research? (To be clear, I’d love to do 100% more research – I simply don’t have the time)

My method is simple. When I need a new movie to watch (and my running list of movies to watch that I actually researched isn’t on Netflix) I go to the Watch Instantly list on Netflix (not mine, of course, I’m broke. This kid, lends me a hand on my movie watching capabilities) and I scan the DVD covers. What am I looking for you ask? Let’s take a look:

1. A Creative Name
I need something catchy. Something out of the ordinary. Something that makes me think – now why did they want to name it that? It’s usually peculiar, cute, distinctive (that’s for you Pops). Brick, Four Faced Liar, Lymelife. I like to imagine what the story may be about. Not in a predictable way, but in a way that makes me want to see what the director did with a title like that.

2. The Cast
I look for really big casts or really small casts. Nine lead roles where they all connect or three people in the entire movie. I can’t put much logic behind this except that it intrigues me.

3. The Poster
I’m a very visual person. You know, the “make a left at the big yellow barn” kind of person. I love tumblers and Pinterest. I need a movie poster that looks good! It’s usually something simple or something with a bunch of different pictures. And Adam Scott. He’s great.

5. Netflix Genre
Please, oh please, tell me you have seen the genres on Netflix. “Visually striking documentaries on IMAX” “Critically acclaimed understated movies from the 1980s” “Fight the system movies based on real life” If those are captivating enough I don’t know what is.

6. Sundance Film Winners
If nothing strikes my eye I’ll go to my fall back. The never failed Sundance Film Winner wreath. I covet any person that has been to this festival. This wreath just wins me over – if I see 3 of those plastered on the top of the DVD cover, I’ll be watching it. The more the merrier!

I’m a complete hipster, I’ll admit it. So any decision making is very artsy, indie, hipster. It’s getting out of hand.  Call it shallow, but I don’t have the kind of time on hands that I’d like. If I could read reviews all day, I’d drown myself in them. However, my college education kind of gets in the way. Follow my directions, alter it to fit your own style. You’ll find your own method.


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