Go Watch A Movie: Shortfilms

August 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Short films don’t get enough cred in the everyday movie world. People don’t really think to watch short films – I’ll tell you now, you’re missing out. Call them artsy, call them pointless, you can’t deny the beauty in these mini movies. They’re just a small look into the filmmaker’s mind and get to see the world through their eyes.

Just recently, I fell upon Rick Mereki who made a series of three stunningly beautiful short films entitled Eat, Learn, Move:


Watch these. Go get a snack. And then watch them again. I’m in love with these short films and can’t get enough of them. Not too mention I’m in love with Andrew Lees – the actor featured in all three. Total babe, yeah?

If you’re on a total short film kick after watching Rick Mereki’s cinematic gold (as you should be) go to Hulu and check out USA network’s Character Project. It’s a series of about 6 (or maybe 8, I can’t remember) short films by different filmmakers. Beautiful stories about the “characters” of the world. I recommend “Fickle“, “Duck“, and “Perfect“.

So don’t forget about the little guys next time you wanna waste a little time. Turn off the cat videos (because let’s be real, you’re two views away to becoming cat lady) and put on something a little more entertaining. Something that makes you think. Because isn’t that what cinema is about?


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