August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Big things have been happening, kids. Big things. Yesterday was the best day of my life thus far. And I actually mean that. Not in a justm. found 20 bucks on the ground best day of my life. Like literally the best day of my life. Here’s where I went:

and this is why

That, if you were unaware, is the love of my life: Benjamin Gibbard. And yes, I was that close.

I contemplated not even writing this post because I honestly can’t even put into words how incredible this entire experience was. First, I’m in love with Brooklyn. Officially moving there. Total hipster city but I’m in love with every minute of it. Second, I hailed a cab (check!) which is pretty exciting for someone who’s never done it. Third, this show was unbelievable.

Frightened Rabbits opened for Death Cab. A Scottish band that I was familiar with prior to this show. Look them up. And then buy tickets to see them live because they’re so much better live. And then Ben came out. “What’s going on Brooklyn?” Those four words had my heart melting into a puddle of love soup. And then they continued to play the best show I’ve ever seen. They jammed a lot – like a bunch of kids who just like to play music. Killer. Please note, Gibbard plays the guitar, piano and drums. And kicks ass at all three. The set list coudn’t have been more perfect. Excellent combination of new tunes and old tunes. I’m in love.

I’d really love to talk more about how much this rocked my world, but words don’t do it justice. That’s all for #22. By far the best thing I’ve checked off.


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