Super Clip Sunday!

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Because I know you didn’t see it the last 80 times AMC played it on TV
P.S. I swear, I’ll be posting something new this week


Super Clip Sunday!

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Not sure why it’s taken me this long to post something from West Wing

It is my birthday.

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Indeed. Today is my birthday. Instead of the obligatory “thanks for the bday wishes guys!” Facebook status or the individual thanks on each. and every. Facebook comment – I’m going to blog about you. Feels pretty awesome to have a blog dedicated to you doesn’t it? I mean this is on the internet. Who knows who’s gonna read this. People in Sweden read this! I truly do appreciate all of the comments and birthday wishes. Makes me feel really special. But I must say, my favorite part about all the hoopla on Facebook? It combines every single comment into one. notification. Just one. Hallelujah. No more signing onto Facebook to get 6 million notifications every time you check it. It’s incredibly convenient.

Since it’s my birthday and I know you’re all thinking about me on this great day (ok, probably not) you should watch a movie in honor of my birth. Great idea right? I mean, I never need an excuse to watch a movie but if you need one I give full permission to use my birthday. You should probably watch this one because it’s seriously the greatest and it’s on instant Netflix. Or you could watch this one (even though you won’t) because it’s my favorite movie ever. And there’s always this one because let’s be real, you’ve never actually seen it and it’s about time you watch it so you can stop lying to everyone.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Lots of birthday things to get done around here (if I don’t call Justin Timberlake back he’ll never forgive me.)

Super Clip Sunday tomorrow, it’ll be a doozy.

Thanks again, kids. You guys rock.








Today I feel like this…

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Ok, so this is applicable to tomorrow too
But I just couldn’t wait.

Super Clip Sunday!

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Vocabulary Lesson!

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Let’s have a vocab lesson, shall we?

Indie (n.)
1. Music released on an independent label
2. Any music slightly left of mainstream
3. Not always about lost love, sometimes about Christmas in Zoos

Found that on and it was probably my favorite definition. A little serious, a little fun. Just right. Music taste is often a popular topic of discussion. Meet someone for the first time – “What kind of music do you listen to?” I hate answering this question. I don’t listen to the radio. Really. I don’t actually have a radio in my car. Just my ipod. Which is pretty perfect if I do say so myself. I don’t listen to musicians that most people have heard of – Sea Wolf, Acetate Zero, Foster the People, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Beach House, Miracle Fortress, The Big Pink,  – so it’s kinda hard to explain what I’m interested in. usually I just say “I listen to more indie stuff” assuming they’d understand what that meant. The usual response? “Oh, you mean like Slumdog Millionaire music?” Really? No, “Jai Ho” is not at the top of my most played songs.

So to keep all you ridiculous people from thinking I’m a huge Bollywood fan I give you this lesson. Indie is short for independent. Independent record labels. Not Slumdog Millionaire. Educate yourself.

People I wish I was friends with: blogs I follow

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This Girl: because she gives great advice and is super fun

This Girl: because we’re a lot alike and I totally want to go to New York to hang out with her for the first time in like 11 years

and This Girl: because she’d show me how to wear my clothes and do my make up.



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