My Place of Alonement

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Not a real word, I know. But it sounds so much better than “being alone.” I’ve noticed lately that I really treasure my alone time (you know, that 50 minute drive to work). Sharing a room, I don’t have my own space to just “be”. Most of the time, I’m not looking to be alone so I can work on something or do anything, I just want to sit down, put on some music and just be. I get overdosed on people and just need some time to not be near anyone. at all. I’m not upset with anyone, I’m not in a bad mood, there’s nothing terrible going on in my life. I just want to be alone.

By Cameron Reid

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the Baltimore Museum of Art to see my 9 year old cousin’s work of art. I was so proud of him – he is quite the artist. He was beyond excited to show me his piece. And his twin brother was equally excited for him. Such a great pair of brothers. Well after we ventured through the large exhibit of student artwork (unfortunately, temporarily replacing the impressionists exhibit – my personal favorite), we took the opportunity to take a quick look at the rest of the museum. I absolutely love art museums. I honestly could spend all day walking through the rooms filled with paintings and portraits. And I’ve decided that, like my mother, the BMA is my favorite.

I realized that my “place of alonement” is the BMA. Or any art museum for that matter. The contemporary art exhibit was a perfect place in which to spend hours upon hours upon hours.  It’s the perfect floor plan to wander around and gaze at the paintings on the wall as you walk through the sculptures placed in their specific places in the center of the room. When you first walk in Edgar Degas’ “Little Dancer” is sitting to left. Just beautiful. Degas had such a way to make something graceful look slightly rugged and yet stunningly beautiful. I’m wandering through each small room stopping every couple of steps to lose myself in the colors and paint strokes on the canvas. All the while this song is playing in my head and my mind and heart are at peace.

I don’t really like being with people while in a museum. I’m not big on stopping at a work of art and comparing the colors and shapes to the dysfunction of society and government. Or chatting about the modernism mixed with classic cubism and how the strokes of paint symbolize the distress of the artist. How bourgeois. I just want to look at the painting, enjoy the painting, appreciate the painting, silently, and move on.

A lot of times that how I feel about my alonement. I just want to enjoy it, appreciate it, revel in it, and move on.


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