You all need to read this…

June 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Super quick – just something you need to look over:

I follow Split Reel – I actually subscribe to her work. She’s such a better writer than I am, better reviewer, but she tends to have the same opinions that I do. We actually share the same favorite director – David Fincher. Mmmm, I love his work. She recently wrote a spotlight on him and there’s one section that I really really loved:

“But what he did shove down the throats of critics after a migtful bashing? Se7en.What’s in the box!!? In my previous post, I hail Fincher as my favourite director, mainly because of his Territoire Foncé, his trifecta of darkness, Se7en-Fight Club-Zodiac, films that all would probably reach my top 20 films of all time. Se7en was something that people got really excited about, they buzzed about it. It was gruesome, it was cruel, it certainly didn’t have a happy ending. Nor do many of Fincher’s films. I myself am a big fan of the tragedy, the Greek kind, where everyone ends up dying or killing themselves at the end; most of the time the happy ending seems like such a cop-out, a desperate cling to the audience at the very end, “please love me”. Fincher doesn’t aim to please, he doesn’t compromise his storytelling, he presents it as is, and let’s people have their own reaction, rather than feeding the Hollywood ideal to them.”

Such a champ am right? (David Fincher’s pretty cool too..) I cannot tell you how much I agree with this – the great Greek tragedy: I’m all about it.


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  • 5plitreel says:

    Oh wow, too many kind words! Thanks so much. I really enjoy your blog too!

    So many films have been destroyed by the forced happy ending when a more realistic, unfortunate one would’ve brought the movie to a whole new level.

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