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‘Ello readers. (that’s me pretending I’m a super cool and fantastic European) I figured that now that I have a spare moment – during my Wednesday night So You Think You Can Dance time – I should catch you all up on my movie watching experiences in the last few weeks. Believe it or not, I have been to the theater 3 times. That’s right. Three times. I know, I can barely recognize myself either. Pleasantly surprised with all of my “cinematic adventures”, let’s take a look:


Super 8

Big film surprise of the century! No one knew what Abrams and Spielberg had in store for their audience, but I can tell you it was so mint. Now, I’m not a big fan of alien movies. All those horror films that just end up being an alien invasion? Cop out. I don’t like them, I’m not interested in them, I don’t think they’re totally cool and possibly real. Don’t get me wrong – I like sci-fi as much as the next open minded, movie obsessed girl – but aliens? I’ll pass. So I was only kinda excited about Super 8. Was I pleased? Indeed. Go watch this movie. Like seriously.

Spectacular filming – which is to be expected. Abrams and Spielberg have such a fantastic eye for this kind of thing. Really draws you in and the special effects were just great. Acting was great – my man, Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights, delivering as usual. But the kids, oh the kids. Hysterical, emotional, relateable, loveable, endearing. Perfection. To leave the suspense, I’ll end the review here – watch it. Spend 9 bones, wait and rent it. I don’t care. But make sure your eyes view this at some point in the nearish future.


Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen is oozing from this movie. My mother and I took the evening to have little mama-daughter date and see this flick. Not even 2 minutes into the film my mom and I look at each other and say “This is SO Woody Allen.” Everything from the typography to dialogue paired with a black screen and white credits. I went into the theater expecting a more sultry sassy movie. And came out with an enchanting and charming experience.

Light-hearted, whimsical Gil and his high strung, bossy fiance Inez travel to France for a visit. Bored with tours and museum trips hosted by their condescending friend, Paul. He takes the evenings to himself. Where you ask? Oh, to the 1920s. One drunk night, he finds himself in a vintage cab that magically takes him to the 1920s. Magnificent. I want this to be real. So badly I want this to be real. He meets Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Dali, Picasso, Stein, and all the greats. To live in a time that contained some of the most artistically talented – with paints and words and pictures – individuals, I don’t know what I’d do! The movie focuses on the fact that we are never satisfied on what we have – the time before us is always better than the time we have now. Find the beauty and art around you now and love it.



I loved this. So funny, witty, adorable. Kristen Wiig – I’d like to be her. Chris O’Dowd – I’d like to marry him. Rose Byrne – I’d like to punch her in the face. Every girl who’s best friend is getting married should watch this with said best friend. A good reminder and of is most important. Kristen Wiig plays the perfect goofy, yet classic girl. Melissa McCarthy is the total wild card – you don’t expect anything that comes out of her mouth. Jon Hamm plays the quintessential douche bag – which obviously makes me love him more because he has a great sense of humor, he can make fun of the classic good looking asshole, duh. Chris O’Dowd – I could go on for days about him. Charming, funny, just so darn cute! I’ve decided I’m marry a guy like him – I’m now accepting applications. The movie all around was great too. Good girls night kind of movie – if you don’t mind the occasional risque scene or explicit humor.


Super Clip Sunday! (On a Monday?)

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Sorry for the delay, I was out of town yesterday.

I could watch Ewan McGregor sing forever.
He can sing to me any day he wants.

There’s a trashy flick for everyone!

June 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

So the newest fad in moviedom seems to be this concept of “friends with benefits”. Classy,  yes? My thoughts exactly. Over my browsing and movie watching I’ve come across some cinematic gold crap and discovered that there’s a trashy friends with benefits experience for everyone!

For the those of you into awkward, profane scenes that you would hate to watch with the ‘rents pop in No Strings Attached. Nothing says class like ubiquitous sex scenes. Interested in something a little funnier? Maybe something a little edgier is your thing. Make some plans to see Friends with Benefits. It promises to be a swell time (disclaimer: haven’t seen this one yet – I’m making a generalization. Don’t heckle me, you all do it). Hey hipsters, don’t get upset! There’s a film for you, too! All of you not interested in big name stars or big budget movies this is just perfect –  Friends (with benefits). Perfect combination of weird camera shots and ridiculously impractical story line. You’ll love it! Can’t stand thought of sitting through a 2 hour film? Follow the family favorite TV series – the never aired – Friends with Benefits. Man, these producers are just so creative when it comes to naming movies and TV, right?

Come on, world! This concept is not romantic – I’m not meeting the love of my life by hopping in bed with him “just ‘cuz”. Last time I checked that situation never ended well. It’s not endearing, it’s degrading. Don’t get me wrong, go ahead and make your movie. But three. different. movies. and a tv show about the exact same thing? Exact story? Exact ending? Get it together, kids.

Don’t Hate Me.

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What? It’s been yet another week of no posting? Who am I? Obviously someone who doesn’t post often because her new job is determined to steal her entire life. I promise you will soon be reading a delightful bit written by yours truly, but for now I’m off to a ladies’ night with some ladies I haven’t seen for quite some time. So I can’t post a lengthy segment on some of the great (and not so great) films I’ve seen recently. But expect a post this weekend! I know what you’re thinking – “She said that last weekend!” But this time I mean, I swear. Well, I intend to mean it.


In the mean time – check out this chick – I feel as though we should be friends.

Super Clip Sunday!

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Today I feel like this…

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Hello, friends. Alas, I am alive. It’s been nearly a week! My sincere apologies.
This is going to be super quick, but I wanted to tell you that I haven’t forgot about you!
It’s been a crazy week, but I’m posting to let you know to check back over the weekend…
Just saw Super 8. And guess who has some things to say about it?
No worries, I’ll still keep it pretty secretive, but there are some things to be said.


Super Clip Sunday

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New segment!! Super Clip Sunday. You got it, my friends. Every Sunday you can find a clip from a movie or television to brighten up your day or give you a little pick me up. Here to start things off, is a personal favorite: Arrested Development

(Sorry, it wouldn’t let me embed it)

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