I need this book.

May 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m sitting in my family room. In a mood. You know what I mean. The “I feel like crying screaming and can’t figure out why” mood. The “leave me alone or I’ll punch you in the shin” mood. The “ask me one more question and I’ll shun you from my life” mood. I’m there. I am so there. [enter massive deletion of entire post, light bulb turning on above head, and animated sun rays illuminating the backdrop behind me]

I have come across the greatest cure of “make fun of me and I will dump my drink all over you” mood. Click to instantly smile and remember the smaller things in life that really make your day just a little bit more enticing (this includes the word “enticing” you can’t tell me you don’t love that word). It was this post though that made me a breathe a little lighter and remember all the things I have forgotten in the last week. It also made me giggle.  Please enjoy. P.S. I need this book

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