Go Watch a Movie (coming soon): The Muppets

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I feel like the Muppets have super fans. You know, those people that have seen every Muppets movie (I’ve only seen the Muppets Treasure Island and A Christmas Carol). Not to mention they have every episode on DVD proudly displayed on their shelf with other inferior discs. That’s not me. Not even a little. Ms. Piggy always drove me crazy. I enjoy the culture of it sure; I’ve gone to the Smithsonian a couple times and still get a small thrill out of seeing Kermit the Frog behind the plexi-glass.

So when my father said to me “Have you seen the trailer for the new Muppets movie?” In my head I’m thinking “No, pops, I have not. I am not interested in those furry pupp..” and then he says “Jason Segel and Amy Adams are starring in it.” Wait. What?! 1. I love Jason Segel. He is absolutely hysterical. He’s goofy and adorable and I wish we were friends. (watch him in How I Met Your Mother) 2. Amy Adams and Jason Segel could not be more perfect for this role. I cannot imagine any other two people bubbly enough, cutesy enough, goofy enough to play along side these bouncing, bumbling, characters.

I’ll definitely be watching this flick. I just imagine Segel waking up every morning to film this movie – super excited to get to work and hang out with all of his new friends – all giddy like a small child. The script seems to be exceptional, witty, sarcastic, and all around pretty funny.

I’ll leave you with this. 1. I love 30 Rock, you should watch it. 2. Tina Fey kicks boo-tayyy 3. This makes me laugh Every. Single. Time.


Go Watch a Movie: Thank You for Smoking

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I’ve highlighted this film before in my opening sequences post. It was on TV the other day and decided to watch it again. I forgot how much I really enjoyed it. Aaron Eckhart (super heartthrob) plays a lobbyist for the leading tobacco company. In other words, he’s pro-cigarettes. Everyone and their famous neighbor is in this film, giving it a really fun feel. Incredibly interesting story of the people who sell the “bad stuff”. Someone’s gotta do it, right? The  relationship between Aaron Eckhart and his son is very endearing, not to mention he proves to be a pretty good father despite his job.

Great cinematography, score, narrative. Put it on the queue, it’s a good watch.

Overkill on the postage?

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Thoughts for today:

I had a dream last night that Johnny Depp and I were in love. It was nice

I could get lost in Benjamin Gibbard’s music. It swallows me whole. I like thinking all of his songs are for Zooey.

Today I feel like this. And it’s fantastic.

I need this book.

May 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m sitting in my family room. In a mood. You know what I mean. The “I feel like crying screaming and can’t figure out why” mood. The “leave me alone or I’ll punch you in the shin” mood. The “ask me one more question and I’ll shun you from my life” mood. I’m there. I am so there. [enter massive deletion of entire post, light bulb turning on above head, and animated sun rays illuminating the backdrop behind me]

I have come across the greatest cure of “make fun of me and I will dump my drink all over you” mood. Click to instantly smile and remember the smaller things in life that really make your day just a little bit more enticing (this includes the word “enticing” you can’t tell me you don’t love that word). It was this post though that made me a breathe a little lighter and remember all the things I have forgotten in the last week. It also made me giggle.  Please enjoy. P.S. I need this book

I am tired.

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I say this with the heaviest of sighs. I am exhausted on so many levels for so many reasons. None of which we will be discussing, well, because I’m tired. I will, however, give you a little nugget of information that I think you’ll appreciate. On my fantastic 80G ipod – one of my prized possessions – I have a running playlists of my favorite songs that instantly cause every fiber in my being to relax. Ranges anywhere from slow and melancholy to just simply happy songs that make life a little more enjoyable. Here we go kids:

“Satellite Heart” – Anya Marina
“Poison & Wine” – The Civil Wars
“Summer Skin” – Death Cab for Cutie
“A Lack of Color” – Death Cab for Cutie
“Feels Like Home” – Edwina Hayes
“Rachel’s New Apartment” – Lixian Hantover
“Possibility” – Lykke Li
“Hold Your Secrets to Your Heart” – Miracle Fortress
“Young Folks” – Peter Bjorn and John
“Holly, Ontario” – Said the Whale
“Are You Devo” – Shelby Sifers & Tyler Tadlock
“Come Thou Fount” – Sufjan Stevens
“Julia” – Taken by Trees
“Little Lovin'” – Lissie
“Generator^1st Floor” – Freelance Whales
“Mouthful of Diamonds” – Phantogram
“Slow with horns/run for your life” – Dan Deacon
“Brothers on a Hotel Bed” – Death Cab for Cutie
“Clementine” – Sarah Jaffe

Quite a list I know but I couldn’t just stop with a few. Like I said, it’s a running playlist. This is in no particular order, so don’t feel obligated to keep it the list as written.  Actually, there was absolutely no thought whatsoever placed into this order. I’ll do my best to keep this updated so you have plenty of music to listen to when you are tired. 

Here’s to the end of the world!

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We are just about 24 hours from the return of the Lord. I know, I can’t believe it either. So I figured I’d give you one more “greatest post ever” post. It’s a lot of pressure figuring out what the last post on your blog ever should be. I thought forever and ever. Movie suggestion? Review? Music critique? Top Ten List? I couldn’t decide. And considering that I plan on waking up at 6:30 Sunday morning to go see my brother graduate, I didn’t waste much time on the whole deciding thing.

This afternoon I finished the movie Kick Ass. It was instant on Netflix and I hadn’t seen yet so I figured… Why not!? I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. The lead hero was incredibly endearing, the concept was fun and entertaining. It wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows. Lots of blood. Lots of punching and stabbing and shooting and blowing up. Pretty impressed. And guess what? I didn’t hate Nicholas Cage! I actually kind of liked tolerated him. But my favorite by far was the spunky little girl who can literally kick ass.

I was always a fan of the underestimated girl (usually a small child) that surprises everyone and is the best character by far.  Like Emily Osment in Spy Kids (don’t lie, you watched it). Her dad (Nicholas Cage) trains her for years to be a world class assassin. Training goes to the extent of her father shooting her in the chest to help her learn what it feels like to be shot. Plus she’s a pro with the knives! So cool yeah? Here’s one of my favorite scenes. Near the end of the movie, all the killing is left to Hit Girl – the small little girl and she, well, annihilates.

That sweet move in the beginning? Knife through the hand, wrap the rope around the head, make the guy shoot himself in the head? So cool! You go Hit Girl.

Today I Feel Like This…

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