Jackson Pollock makes me cry

January 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

So much truth in that statement. My mother and I watched a movie this afternoon (go figure) entitled Pollock chronicling the life of the famous artist Jackson Pollock. My mom’s an artist, so I’ve had the pleasure of growing up knowing all about the art world – who painted what, why certain artistic works were more controversial than others. My favorite painter is, without a doubt, Jackson Pollock. I recently went to New Haven and had the pleasure of seeing the Yale art gallery, which has an original Jackson Pollock piece. I turn the corner and see it hanging alone on the wall, completely free – no frame no glass just a canvas. Something about the colors and constructed chaos in his work just makes me cry. The texture and depth to his pieces are remarkable. If you ever have a chance to see an original piece of his I highly suggest you run to the nearest gallery to look at it. I tried to find a clip from Mona Lisa Smile which has a beautiful scene where Julia Roberts takes her art students to see one of Pollock’s original paintings. The music and overall feel of complete awe is really moving. However, I only found this picture. And if you could see this picture up close you would see that the paint is nearly an inch thick on the canvas – incredible. And addition to telling you that you need to see a Pollock piece in person, unconstrained by glass I’m also telling you that if you have any interest in art (or a woman’s place in education) then you should watch Mona Lisa Smile, it’s a stellar flick. Gotta put my movie plug in there somehow :)


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