The Forgotten Melody

January 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Let’s just first say that I have zero ability to come up with a decent title for any of my posts. C’est la vie, here’s some thoughts:

My favorite time of year: award season. Second up on the menu (first being the People’s Choice) is the Critics Choice Movie Awards which are on Friday, Jan. 14th on VH1 – be there. I was checking out the nominees for each award. Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Documentary, Best Song, etc. I think that my favorite award would have to be Best Score. Everyone watches a movie and forgets about the musicality of it. They hear the song playing during scenery of a pretty sunset with no dialogue. But what about the music playing during the fight between a couple or when the antagonist has an epiphany about who she really loves. It’s that exact music that heightens the experience at the apex of the movie.

Black Swan is up for this award and Darren Aronovsky does something beautiful with the score. As I’m sure you know, this movie is pretty dark; it’s a psychological thriller depicting the mental deterioration of the principle ballerina, Nina (Natalie Portman). The movie is comprised mostly of orchestral music in a major key (it’s happy sounding music). There are scenes in the movie where Nina’s eyes are blood red, breathing heavily and looking absolutely menacing, but when you listen to the music it’s a cheerful symphonic tune. The combination of the two contrasting themes could give anyone chills.


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