I’m terrible with synonyms.

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So I’ve talked movies, television, and some of my life. It’s time we discuss some music. What do ya say?

I’m really into music. It’s such an interesting aspect of life – having the ability to take us immediately back to a single moment or time. Everyone has a song or two or eight that makes us think of a time in our life. Also, at least for me, it has the ability to make us feel things that pictures, movies, or books can’t. Whether it’s instrumental or not, music can alter my mood at any point in the day. You play the first movement of  Bach’s Cello Suite in G, I guarantee you I’ll cry.

There are many many musicians that I admire like Jack White from the White Stripes (and the Raconteurs – and the Dead Weather.) and Dallas Green from City and Colour. My favorite band since I was in high school is Death Cab for Cutie. Their songs are catchy and emotional. But Benjamin Gibbard – the lead singer of the band – is one of the most incredible lyricists I’ve come across. Ben Gibbard also writes and sings for the bands All Time Quarterback and The Postal Service. I’m not too familiar with All Time Quarterback so we’re gonna skip them today.

“Summer Skin”, on Death Cab for Cutie’s album Plans, is one of my favorites. He picks the perfect words to describe the summer season and the carefree love that ends as soon as autumn begins. You can picture every scene that he describes with words that feel like more than simple adjectives:

Squeaky swings and tall grass
The longest shadows ever cast
The water’s warm and children swim
And we frolicked about in our summer skin

I don’t recall a single care
Just greenery and humid air
Then Labor day came and went
And we shed what was left of our summer skin

On the night you left I came over
And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders
Our brand new coats so flushed and pink
And I knew your heart I couldn’t win
Cause the season’s change was a conduit
And we’d left our love in our summer skin

The Postal Service has a song entitled “Nothing Better”. It’s a conversation between a man and woman where the man tries to convince the woman that there could be “nothing better” than spending the rest of their lives together while the woman wants the complete opposite. Again, Ben Gibbard describes every moment so poetically using metaphores and analogies that express his precise feeling. The first stanza is beautifully laid out – the man grieving the loss of his love and begging for her to stay.

“Will someone please call a surgeon
Who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart
That you’re deserting for better company?
I can’t accept that it’s over…
I will block the door like a goalie tending the net
In the third quarter of a tied-game rivalry”

The last two lines depict perfectly the feeling of absolute desperation for her to stay. Beautiful.

My all time favorite line, is in the song “Brothers on a Hotel Bed”.

“And I have learned, that even landlocked lovers yearn for the sea like navy men.”

The concept of that sentence and words used are just stunning and evoking. Listen to the song – the melody placed with this set of words is delightfully pretty. I highly encourage you to listen to either of these bands. Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans is probably my favorite. I’d be happy to burn it for you :)


This I am certain of

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Over the past year or so I’ve really started to figure out who I am and who I want to be. I’ve always been all over the place when it comes to what style I want, what hobbies I want to be interested in. I’ve never had one consistent interest throughout my entire life; I’m interested in a lot of things. Lately, I’ve discovered things that I know to be true about myself – like things that I like and things that I don’t prefer. Let’s discuss these.

I don’t like snoring. This I know for sure. I am quite aware that the actual person snoring can’t help themselves – I know that they aren’t doing it on purpose, but I. Hate. Snoring. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that the rough sound of the incapability to breathe in the middle of the night that drives me crazy. Snore. Silence. Snore. Silence. Snore. Silence. Every exhale you are hoping they’ve regained their ability to breathe with soundless effort so you can rest in the peace of the night. I’ve had 3 roommates since I’ve started college, and all of them snore; even my sister – with whom I share a room at home – snores on occasion. Not chronically, but every once and awhile I feel like ripping my hair out. Thankfully, I’m slightly more tolerant of it than I used to be. Nevertheless, I truly don’t prefer it.

I like Sharpie Pens. This is a new writing utensil, at least within the last year or two. It’s really tremendous. You get the saturated black color you want with a Sharpie marker, but it doesn’t bleed onto the next 5 pages. Also, it has a very thin line so details on no problem at all. I do a lot of my sketches with this kind of pen because it makes my chaotic scribbles look pretty and full of purpose.

I really do not prefer the winter (or the cold). For those of you that know me, you know this very well. I am a summer baby through and through. The sunshine, the daylight until 8 or 9pm, driving with your windows down, no coats, no shoes, tank tops, trees, grass. I love all of it. Certainly I can find the beauty during the winter, but I do so from inside my home wrapped in 6 blankets. I’m more myself in the warmer weather.

I enjoy dressing up. There are many times in my life where I love to wear jeans and a sweatshirt or sweatpants and a t-shirt. I like the outdoors and don’t mind getting dirty. But there is a part of me that absolutely loves being a girly girl. I like skirts and dresses, nice shirts and especially cardigans. I don’t often have an excuse to look nice, considering I’m an allied health major and need to wear “work out clothes” most the time. But when I do get to dress up I go all the way. For example, both of my roommates are away until tomorrow afternoon. So today after my shower I decided to look nice for no reason. So I put on some patterned tights, a nice skirt with a tucked in tank top (light pink even!) and wrapped my new fashion belt around my waist. I had nowhere to go, but I really enjoyed looking cute and dressed up for once.

I hate when people do not use proper grammar or spelling. Disclaimer: I am not a grammar queen. I’m not talking about parallel sentences or using passive vs. active voice. Heck you can even end your sentence with a preposition (I do sometimes). I just want a sentence without a double negative, maybe a correctly used comma or semicolon, or maybe, just maybe an actual adverb used to describe a verb, adjective or other adverb. Spelling, however, I think I’m pretty good at. Sixth grade spelling bee champ in case you were curious. Let’s use the correct homonym or even completely spell the word out. “U” does not mean “you”, “2” does not mean “too” nor does it mean “to”, “do” does not mean “due”. These things are not interchangeable.

I like coloring. The wall next my bed is covered with coloring pages of Disney princesses, dinosaurs, jungle animals, and lots of Nemo. I love coloring. It’s so much fun picking on the colors and making a completely plain picture look exciting just buy using a few crayons. My roommate got me a coloring book for Christmas – what a perfect gift.

Gotta run, more to come. Farewell for now my friends.

Go Watch a Movie: Jarhead

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I’m not doing this on purpose. Suggesting another Peter Sarsgaard movie. I swear, it’s a total accident.

Jarhead. This movie follows a young man who enters the military during the Iraqi war and becomes a U.S. Marine Corps sniper. A stirring performance by Jake Gyllenhaal, he shows the struggles of leaving home, family, significant others and consuming your entire being with the military life. Jarhead combines music and cinematography just beautifully. This film will leave you frightened, saddened, yet still having a sense of love and camaraderie. Take 123  minutes out of your life and put this on your television (available through Netflix instantly on your computer or Wii).

You guessed it..

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Indeed, a blog post analyzing the Golden Globes of 2011. Original, am I right? I’ll certainly do my best to keep you interested with some new perspective on this event. This year was all about the sequens and the shoulders. Not my favorite look so I won’t be putting up any of the celebs that donned these looks. I was very impressed with four young ladies and their gowns.

Let’s talk fashion:
Firstly, Hailee Steinfeld wore a beautiful white gown designedperfectly for her age; didn’t look to old, wasn’t too revealing, wasn’t too juvenile. Stunning with a simple slicked ponytail, Hailee definitely makes the best dressed list.


Emma Stone wore a very simple Calvin Klein dress that accented her new blonde hair (which is actually her natural hair color). The picture does do this girl justice; her entire back is bare making the dress not look over bearing. Although Emma looks stunning and well put together, she needs to go back to the red locks.


Sofia Vergara, one of my favorite “funny girls” of modern television, showed up in a lovely red dress that fit perfectly over her curves. Having the worst time finding a gown at all that she could fit into, I think she did a pretty good job. With a lot of chest to work with she doesn’t look shoved into a gown, accentuated the right parts of her body perfectly, just looks elegant and classy.


My vote for best dressed: Eva Longoria. Perfectly cut, slinky and sexy without being sleezy (how’s that for alliteration?), simply stunning this woman. As I was searching for pictures to put into this blog I found her on a worst dressed list. Excuse me? A very vintage feel, beautiful neck line. You just can’t go wrong with a dress like this

Now let’s talk awards:
As predicted (and hoped) The Social Network sweeps up going home with 4 awards, out of the 6 in which it was nominated. It deserved every single one. A few others that went home with a couple trophies in hand include The Kids Are All Alright and Glee. Successful evening – congratulations to all of this year’s winners.

Let’s talk Ricky:
Ricky Gervais. Oh, Ricky Gervais. If you’ve read some headlines or heard the news I’m sure you’ve heard some things about this fellow and the jokes he chose to use while hosting this year’s awards. Ridiculing everyone in the room and introducing each presenter with his or her own special taunt, Ricky Gervais gave a brilliantly funny performance.



Jackson Pollock makes me cry

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So much truth in that statement. My mother and I watched a movie this afternoon (go figure) entitled Pollock chronicling the life of the famous artist Jackson Pollock. My mom’s an artist, so I’ve had the pleasure of growing up knowing all about the art world – who painted what, why certain artistic works were more controversial than others. My favorite painter is, without a doubt, Jackson Pollock. I recently went to New Haven and had the pleasure of seeing the Yale art gallery, which has an original Jackson Pollock piece. I turn the corner and see it hanging alone on the wall, completely free – no frame no glass just a canvas. Something about the colors and constructed chaos in his work just makes me cry. The texture and depth to his pieces are remarkable. If you ever have a chance to see an original piece of his I highly suggest you run to the nearest gallery to look at it. I tried to find a clip from Mona Lisa Smile which has a beautiful scene where Julia Roberts takes her art students to see one of Pollock’s original paintings. The music and overall feel of complete awe is really moving. However, I only found this picture. And if you could see this picture up close you would see that the paint is nearly an inch thick on the canvas – incredible. And addition to telling you that you need to see a Pollock piece in person, unconstrained by glass I’m also telling you that if you have any interest in art (or a woman’s place in education) then you should watch Mona Lisa Smile, it’s a stellar flick. Gotta put my movie plug in there somehow :)

The nominees are…

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First, I hate snow. I really truly do. The only benefit? It looks pretty for the first night. After that, it’s crap! I’d be willing to give up an entire winter of snow that only looks good on the first night for an entire year of summer; I don’t even need to think about it – I’d take that offer any day.

And now, the reason we’re here. Good news! The Golden Globes are this coming Sunday! And there are some excellent films and television programs nominated for a Golden Globe. I really love this event, probably one of my favorites out of all the awards. It covers everything: drama, comedy, musical, television, movies made for television, mini-series. Everyone gets a chance at the coveted statuette. Let’s highlight a few of the nominees:

The Social Network
If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it now. This is an absolutely beautifully constructed movie. It’s up for 6 Golden Globes: Best Picture – Drama, Best Performance by an Actor – Drama, Best Performance in a Supporting Role, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Score. Personally, I’m hoping it sweeps up.

Filled with an extraordinary cast, it’s no surprise The Social Network scattered across every nominee list out there. Aaron Sorken’s script is fast paced and intelligent. With the perfect combination of entrepreneurial conniving and college innocence, Jesse Eisenberg gives an unbelievable performance as a genius, superhuman, college kid discovering the next best thing to Google. I often find myself wondering what he’s doing in other movies, as if he really is a genius, superhuman, college kid (as opposed to his real occupation – an actor). The cinematography is artistic and modern. Comprised of quick, smooth, untitled transitions between past and present the movie has a more sophisticated feel and a sense of urgency. A movie of beauty and intelligence, The Social Network is definitely one of the top movies of the year.

Up for Best Picture – Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Score. This move got loads of hype. For months I was hearing how incredible this movie is; people going back to the theater for a second, third, fourth time to go see it. I finally had the opportunity to see it a few weeks ago and was not let down as I had expected to be. I’d encourage you to watch. However, it’s more of a movie you’d want to watch with a few people, not just something you can pop in while you’re finishing up your 15 page research paper. It requires your full, undivided attention. You won’t regret it, it’s long but an overall enjoyable movie

Star studded cast of charismatic people – and I’m not just saying that because I have a ridiculous crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt (well I partly am). The score is spectacular – we’ve spoken on this before, so I won’t go further). Cinematography is beautiful and the use of slow motion is just brilliant. The plot is ridiculously complex: Leo’s house inside the mountain inside the hotel inside the van inside the plane (inside a dream? Hmmm). But if you pay attention it’s very smart and exciting. The ending follows consistent with the entire plot – complex and requires you to think really, really hard. It leaves it up to the viewer completely (excellent conversation topic after watching the film!) Successful job, Christopher Nolan, successful job.


Modern Family
I’m going to end with this because this post is getting long and I really don’t want you all to get bored. So before I go on about my favorite sitcom on television I must put in a plug for 30 Rock: a hilariously smart show referencing every current issue under the sun. Alec Baldwin is a master mind and Tina Fey is adorably geeky. Watch it.

Modern Family: Nominated for Best Performance by an actor (and actress) in a supporting role in a series and Best Television Series. This. Show. Is. Funny. Hysterical really. Following the family of strange characters – The father, Jay, remarried to a Columbian beauty,Gloria, played by the wonderful Sofia Vergara who has a son, Manny, who’s 11 yrs. old going on 40. His children – Claire (a mother of 3, married to her goofy, trying to be the “cool dad”, husband Phil) and Mitchell (the gay father of an adopted Vietnamese baby girl and long partner to flamboyantly wonderful Cameron). It’s the depiction of a dysfunctional family just trying to get by. With a compassionate moment seen every once and awhile this show will make your heart melt and have you buckled over in laughter in just 30 minutes. Airing on Wednesdays at 9pm on ABC, it’s something worth putting on the Tivo.

Envelopes and Stamps. Remember those?

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I’ve set three (fourish) new years resolutions that I can actually keep this time. And so far, I’ve done remarkably well. 1) Take more pictures 2) Send snail mail 3) Be more spontaneous 4ish) Work out more. The first three have been successfully met. The fourth has as well, but well all know how that goes.

I’ve posted on facebook that I want to send mail out this year and if anyone wants a letter they should send me their addresses. It’s been incredible the amount of addresses I’ve received. What’s just as incredible is the people who have asked for a letter. Side note: I’ve made a rule that whoever sends an address gets a letter, no skipping it just because I don’t want to write to them. There are people that I’ve only said hello to, people I haven’t spoken to in years, people I never thought would enter my life again. What their motivations are I’m not sure, but I can tell you it’s been interesting writing these letters.

I’m trying to make these as thoughtful and meaningful as I can. Not just a short little note full of small talk. It’s forced me to learn to be genuinely interested in the other person’s life. It’s difficult; your first instinct when writing to someone is to update them on your life. I don’t want these letters to be the annual Christmas card. Sure there’s a small paragraph, but this letter is more about the receiving end; let the person know what they mean to me, how they’ve influenced my life, encourage them. It’s not easy, but incredibly so it’s drifted into my everyday life. It’s amazing what you learn about people when you actually stop focusing on what you have to say.

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